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EliData Reveals New Visual Identity with a Refreshed Logo   

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, EliData, a TAS Group subsidiary, is excited to unveil its redesigned logo.

With an established history of providing superior solutions to banks, insurance firms, financial broker, and Asset management firms, this rebranding highlights EliData's commitment to innovation, focusing intensely on security and sustainability.

EliData, since 1999, has been a reliable ally in the financial sector, demonstrating expertise in tackling the intricate challenges of trading, order routing, regulatory reporting, and ensuring seamless integration within financial institutions' internal systems.

This rebranding comes at a crucial time as the industry experiences a transformative phase, driven by advancements in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data protection, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals.

“Our redesigned logo is more than a visual update; it embodies our deepened pledge to cybersecurity and sustainability,” remarks Marco Connizzoli, CEO of EliData. He elaborates, “We are committed to embedding these key principles in our innovations, steering our clients towards a future enriched with inclusive, transparent, and ESG-aligned turnkey technology services.”

The new logo is contemporary and striking, with a dynamic color scheme that reflects dependability, vitality, and enthusiasm. This refresh aligns with EliData’s ambition to lead in the industry.

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EliData is a software house founded in 1999, specializing in advanced solutions for the financial sector. It simplifies financial complexity and assists institutions in managing the challenges of constantly evolving markets. With a particular focus on banks, investment firms, asset management companies, and insurance companies, EliData offers innovative solutions for trading and order routing, regulatory transaction reporting, and the harmonious data exchange between all internal systems of financial institutions. 


EliDataCloud: the complete solution for high performance

EliData becomes 100% Cloud, offering a service with top quality and reliability level thanks to a totally renovated structure able to optimize processes, improving the customer experience and the performance in order to be always time-to-market.

The choice of EliData was to rely on the same provider of Euronext and Borsa Italiana by utilizing the two major Italian data centers in financial sector which ensure high physical and logical standards.

All the main players are part of these infrastructures and this guarantees the complete coverage of our clients’ needs in terms of markets/brokers/info providers connectivity and solutions through the proximity service.

“Cloud solutions are suitable for critical and steady growing business” said Marco Connizzoli, EliData’s CEO, and he adds: “The advantages of in Cloud solution compared to on premise solution, range from the high performance and reliability level to the presence of a latest release hardware and software infrastructure, to the warranty of adequate SLA according to the criticality of the trading systems.”

Banor Sim is the first client that chose the solution GRS@EliDataCloud to manage reporting related to operations in MiFID II scope.

Gianluca Bellini, Business Developer in EliData, said“The priority for EliData is to offer high reliability and scalability by adopting a complete approach to safety that ensures the strength of the infrastructure both for hardware and software aspects, with the common goal, along with Banor Sim, to offer solution more and more innovative and competitive”

Press Releases

Buy-back Algo: EliData launches the new algorithm for repurchasing shares

EliData expands its algo trading strategies suite in CTS – Caronte Trading System – with the launch of the new feature Buy-back Algo.

Thanks to this unique and innovative strategy, the trader is able to make buy-back operations on the market on behalf of the listed companies in complete safety and respecting the legal requirements of the EU countries regarding to stock quantity, duration of the repurchase programs and the prices.

The innovative algo conceived by EliData, allows us to act automatically respecting the legal limits, relieving the trader from manual setting in order to respect the thresholds of quantity and price of the shares to be repurchased.

Marco Connizzoli, CEO of EliData, said: “We are confident to offer an algorithm that brings added value in terms of possibilities of actions and new opportunities of negotiation on stock markets in an innovative, safe and automatic way.”

Currently, the Buy-back Algo strategy of EliData is available for the negotiation made on Borsa Italiana and it is going to be extended also for other markets.