Revolutionary Financial Middleware

Discover the first middleware specifically designed for the financial sector, aimed at simplifying and revolutionizing your financial operations. Our solution ensures a transition from complex systems to smooth, automated processes, transforming financial management into an agile and reliable system for a unique competitive advantage.

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Overcoming Complexities
with Caronte Financial Middleware (CFM)

CFM is the perfect solution for System Integration aiming at simplifying and automating data loading.

All-in-One Financial Suite

CFM manages in a single product all activities carried out on financial markets, MTFs, and brokerage circuits as well as transaction loading into multiple systems.


CFM allows the automation of compliance processes, reduces risks and improves efficiency.

Multi Asset

CFM can handle all asset classes, applying filters and remapping before inserting data into destination systems.

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Reliability in Financial Transactions

Reliability is top priority when it comes to managing financial transactions. CFM provides with a robust foundation to operate securely and confidently, reduces operational costs and maximizes return on investment.

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