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Buy-back Algo: EliData launches the new algorithm for repurchasing shares

EliData expands its algo trading strategies suite in CTS – Caronte Trading System – with the launch of the new feature Buy-back Algo.

Thanks to this unique and innovative strategy, the trader is able to make buy-back operations on the market on behalf of the listed companies in complete safety and respecting the legal requirements of the EU countries regarding to stock quantity, duration of the repurchase programs and the prices.

The innovative algo conceived by EliData, allows us to act automatically respecting the legal limits, relieving the trader from manual setting in order to respect the thresholds of quantity and price of the shares to be repurchased.

Marco Connizzoli, CEO of EliData, said: “We are confident to offer an algorithm that brings added value in terms of possibilities of actions and new opportunities of negotiation on stock markets in an innovative, safe and automatic way.”

Currently, the Buy-back Algo strategy of EliData is available for the negotiation made on Borsa Italiana and it is going to be extended also for other markets.

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