Risk associated with compliance in financial markets is often high due to complex rules and lack of visibility for reporting errors. 

Compliance risk with EliData is minimized thanks to a centralized application system.

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A Centralized and Modular System

Global Reporting System (GRS) allows for the automated execution of reporting and monitoring activities during the entire process in real-time through a single application.

Regulatory Record Keeping

Management of record-keeping activities for all transactions.

Trade Regulatory Record Keeping

Coverage of major financial regulations, including MiFID II, EMIR, SFTR, DFA, SHRD II, MAR.

Risk Reduction

Management of record-keeping and reporting obligations to authorities.
Handling of large volumes of data within strict legal timeframes.

Big Data, Excellent performance

We simplify the trading experience by integrating varius functions into a single system, while ensuring maximum simplicity


Record-keeping and transaction reporting.

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Risk-Free Compliance

Reduce complexity, risks and costs. Offer of regulatory and functional support for managing new and existing regulations with the guarantee of fast implementation times.

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