The minority shareholders of EliData take over 51% of the shares held by CAD IT S.P.A., which in turn is owned for more than 95% by CEDACRI S.P.A. thus reaching 100% of the company shareholding.

The transaction was finalized on the 30th of December 2020 together with the transformation of EliData S.r.l. into a joint stock company, which takes the name of EliData S.P.A..

The management structure of EliData S.P.A. remains unchanged in continuity with the previous management.

“The twenty-year and fruitful collaboration with the CAD IT Group first, and with the CEDACRI Group starting from 2020, has seen us involved and cohesive in achieving important and rewarding business results.” – states Marco Connizzoli, CEO of EliData S.P.A. – and adds: “Together and thanks to the Group, EliData has had the opportunity to grow and be increasingly present on the Italian and European banking market as a solid and reliable provider, also contributing to the achievement of important business objectives of the Group.

EliData S.P.A. begins a new path in the footsteps of what has been achieved so far with the aim of accomplishing an ambitious process of growth and renewal. “