Through the new integration into CTS – Caronte Trading System, EliData is certified on Hi-Mtf, the trading market for financial instruments.

Thanks to this implementation, EliData increases the range of opportunities given to its clients in terms of variety of asset, as well as the possibility to have a considerable liquidity flow, an efficient price formation process, in line with the best market prices and high standards of transparency and constantly updated information on the instruments handled.

We are online with the first client since May 2021 for the trading of bonds on the Quote Driven Misto and Order Driven segments in which CTS deals with the dispatch and transmission of orders on behalf of third parties.

We are already certified on Hi-Cert Segment, which is dedicated to the trading of Certificates and Covered Warrant, live from 12th of July 2021.

By including these venues into the Best Execution’s scope, CTS’ SOR offers an increasingly broad and effective strategy thanks to a highly configurable and secure solution which is capable of meeting all customer expectations on different markets and venues.