Following the imminent final step of Brexit, which will be completed at the end of 2020, EliData is well aware of the impacts and practical implications for Financial Institutions, as described by FCA

This is why we are ready to provide our customers with the necessary tools to comply with the new directives, so that it may be a simple and uncomplicated transition.

With the aim of being aligned with the planned innovations, we have made the necessary changes to our Solutions, working on the Trading and Transaction Reporting front.

  • Trading: CTS Caronte Trading System interfaces with the two different EU and UK execution venues to manage operations through new connection and MIC (Market Identifier Code) setups
  • Transaction Reporting: to be compliant following the innovations introduced with Brexit, GRS Global Reporting System is ready to manage the sending and reporting of transactions to TR, ARM or to the competent National Authority in the EU or UK, for the various MiFID II, EMIR and SFTR regulations.