EliData expands its portfolio through the integration between C-RFQ and Xetra EnLight, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Request for Quote (RFQ) functionality for off-book trading in the cash market. Via Xetra EnLight, members are able to execute trades in equities, ETFs and ETPs through a RFQ workflow.

Totally integrated into CTS (Caronte Trading System), the EliData’s solution is created to automate the Request for Quote process, enhancing and optimizing the client’s trading strategies, through a centralized and complete workflow monitoring.

C-RFQ allows the trader to have full control of the RFQ process in an automatic and easy way: multiple possibilities of choice in terms of brokers and venues can certainly make the difference in trading strategy.

As a result of the integration, C-RFQ will help liquidity providers to access FIX connectivity thanks to an automatic and centralized feature, enhancing their business strategies.

“We are glad and proud to have achieved the integration between C-RFQ and Xetra EnLight. Our goal is to enhance the applicability of the connection to multiple market platforms with the great advantage in terms of automation and ease of the whole RFQ workflow.” Said Silvia Della Casa, Account Manager of EliData.

“We are delighted that EliData together with Mediobanca took the lead to automate Xetra EnLight. This was a major milestone for our initiative and is accelerating the momentum we are seeing from clients for a competitive on-exchange off-book RfQ offering for blocktrades in German, European and US equities as well as ETFs’” said Christian Schürlein, Head of Deutsche Börse Cash Market Business Development Wholesale.

Vito Pinto, Director of Equity Market of Mediobanca, said: “Speed ​​is important for buyers who may want a response to a quote request in seconds. Quality partners are sales companies that are able to service high-touch tickets very quickly and effectively, and constant innovation is important to do this. Mediobanca and EliData have been working together for years to offer an increasingly automated, integrated and efficient execution service to final investors and this is an important milestone we are proud to have achieved together.”