C-RFQ is the functionality fully integrated into EliData CTS (Caronte Trading System) which automates the RFQ process for ETFs through the connection of the markets with the leading Bloomberg RFQe platform.

With C-RFQ the client has thorough control over the whole RFQ process from a single platform connected to the markets and Bloomberg.

Thanks to this functionality, the client can send either a single RFQ or a cluster of operations through the Switch functionality that will be automatically directed into Bloomberg RFQe.

In this way EliData aims at enhancing the potential of the solution in terms of connectivity, thus increasing the chances of execution and the earning possibilities for the trading desk.

Through the integration with the following market platforms, C-RFQ becomes leader in the ETF world:

  • Euronext
  • Virtu Financial
  • Xetra EnLight
  • TradeWeb
  • Bloomberg EMSX

In particular, the integration with Bloomberg EMSX (client side) and Bloomberg RFQe represents an important milestone which makes the solution offered increasingly complete and performing.

C-RFQ allows market makers to operate in a quick and automatic manner, have access to all major Liquidity Providers and optimize time without incurring in the risk of latency often associated with the use of multiple applications and manual operations.