Yesterday, October 17, 2019, “a great new agreement” was reached, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson ( ).

There are numerous implications and consequences that Brexit will have on the economic and political events between the EU and the United Kingdom, in particular we highlight those concerning Trading (retail and institutional) and Transaction Reporting.

EliData has been constantly working to make its customers ready for the many changes resulting from Brexit.

The adjustments relating to Trading, follow the action of the MTF markets which, for the management of operations, have separated the EU channel from the UK one.

EliData is implementing the new features needed in CTS , the Trading System for the execution of institutional or retail orders on over 80 financial markets and MTF circuits and most of the international brokers.

Another area of ​​great importance is represented by MIFID II transaction reporting , which appears to be a crucial issue for financial institutions that have a branch in the United Kingdom. ( / news / press-releases / fca-set-out-latest-expectations-brexit-companies )

EliData is implementing all the necessary changes to GRS (Global Reporting System), the platform that automates the collection of data and the reporting of trades and transactions to the Trade repositories, in order to be ready and operational on the exit date.